A Look At Your Exercise Routine During Fertility Treatment And IVF Cycle


You perhaps love to do some exercise workouts early in the morning and it is perfect if you intend to stay in the best of health, spirits. However, just in case you have to handle pregnancy or fertility concerns, there just could be a few problems regarding your exercise routine.  The little one is developing inside you and being a mom, you will have to make adjustments to your workout routine.  We spoke to experts in this regard and most had just one piece of advice and that was to take it easy. It could be a challenge to women who are used to doing vigorous exercise but you should take it easy for a smooth conceiving program to unfold.  Now, by the term take it easy experts have clearly mentioned the upper limit to your workout program. They say that in no instance your cardio workout schedule should be more than 4 hours a week.


In fact, the experts have more to say and they suggest that you must prepare for just no exercise during the egg retrieval week. Actually, it is during this period you just will not feel like doing workouts simply because, you will be taking plenty of fertility medicines and even may have to counter some side effects. Hence, you just may not be in a state to do any exercise. If you are doing exercise for stress relief, we suggest that start looking for other alternatives. If you looking for pain relief, then some intake of endorphin can be an alternative.  In fact, we would suggest that you look to join online fertility forums because it is here that you can speak to women, who are in a similar state to yours.  You can discuss any concerns related to exercises or other fertility matters.  It is here at the forums that you will get a first hand view of women, who have been in such situations and how they had dealt with the scenario.


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