Know What Happens when you First Consult your Fertility Specialist


Infertility is an aspect which is not to be taken lightly as it has adverse effects on the male and female bodies and hormones. The causes of infertility are many out of which polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or reduction of sperm cells due to age is the main reasons behind the irregular occurrence of the ovulation. Moreover irregular menstrual cycle, blockage of the Fallopian tubes where the fertilization of the eggs and the sperm happens also contribute a lot towards a woman not getting pregnant even after going through twelve months of unprotected sex.

In this connection it becomes highly obvious to seek the beneficial advice and suggestions of reputed reproductive endocrinologist or fertility doctors who will first of all run through some tests to understand the individual condition as well as set up counseling sessions with couples with an intention to know about any underlying medical condition in their past.  When you set up an appointment with a fertility expert for the first time there are a few evaluations which need to be verified:

Ovary Check: This is the foremost fertility test which is conducted to check the functionality of the ovary. The FSH hormone is responsible in stimulating the ovary to develop a follicle so that it can hold the eggs. A special test to verify the function of ovary is to check the FSH hormone level on the third day of the menstrual cycle along with evaluating the amount of estrogen in the blood.

Check Fallopian Tubes: A very important Fertility test which is very often prescribed by experts are whether the fallopian tubes are blocked or open? An X-ray  on the outline of the uterine cavity is conducted to find out whether the Fallopian tubes are blocked or not. If blocked then IVF would be the most opted solution for getting pregnant.

Semen Check:  Women alone are not only to be blamed for infertility. There are certain male infertility problems too like reduction of sperm counts, semen outflow and other health concerns. Semen testing is another important procedure that forms an integral part in treating infertility. With lots of advanced tools and methods on the way it is not an impossible task.


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