Address Infertility Issues, Discuss & Celebrate Your Impending Motherhood In This Unique Fertility Forum



Welcome to the fertility board- the ultimate fertility discussion platform for the soul. Here you get to meet like minded souls if you are a women /or couple going through an emotional crisis after repeated unsuccessful attempts to have a baby, or a woman experiencing the happiness, trials and tribulations on the joyful but emotionally and physically exhausting road to motherhood, you can finally address your questions regarding infertility without inhibition and discuss the day to day experience of being a mother to be,in the form of a fertility diary,  at your heart’s content.

This fertility  forum addresses issues essential to the topic of fertility and child bearing , such as regulating the menstrual cycle, the best time for conceiving, various fertility tests, their strengths and shortcomings, etc. This forum is also a mine of valuable information pertaining not only to fertility issues , but diverse topics like lifestyles and supplements which can be beneficial to conceiving and giving birth to a healthy offspring. You can also get to know  not only about intricate medical procedures like the IVF, genetic screening, immune testing and treatment etc, but you can also get to know about essential subjects like surrogacy and donor cycles.

Unconventional methods to combat infertility like fertility acupuncture, counselling and CBT, Chinese herbs, are also discussed here. and holistic therapies to enhance fertility is discussed here.

In order to have a baby, merely conceiving isn’t enough, you have to carry the child to term successfully. So advice on how to prevent a miscarriage, stay safe during pregnancy, activities and beverages to avoid , antenatal classes, etc will be discussed elaborately here.

Once the D Day arrives , you will get updates on how to deal with pre birth blues, and how to handle prolonged labor and painful effects of a Cesarean operation.Once you welcome your precious bundle, advice on how to cope with a newborn baby, breastfeeding tips, postnatal classes  in your vicinity etc, will also be provided here, on the Fertility Board.

The fertility forum therefore aspires to be a medical information portal as well as a psychological consultant blog all in one, in order to help you deal with infertility issues as well as pre and post birth stress and anxiety.

Most useful part of this forum is, you can discuss your condition, symptoms, feelings, worries with a fertility specialist Dr. Attilio D’Alberto , who is the author of “My Fertility Manual” .