Introduction To Your Infertility Book – Your Ticket To A Successful Pregnancy



Are you worried about not being able to conceive despite repeated attempts? Or are you confused, bewildered and disheartened after suffering a miscarriage? You can now finally heave a sigh of relief, as a wonderful infertility book has been compiled by highly experienced acupuncturist who is well versed both in unorthodox as well as conventional solutions of infertility. Information pertaining to causes of infertility and its cure are discussed in lucid detail. This  infertility ebook will prove to be a mine of valuable information for many women desperate to have children, who will otherwise browse the web for unreliable information stored in various uncertified blogs, portals and websites. There are many such amateur techniques to ‘’cure’’ infertility, which should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The possible factors causing infertility have been discussed, contested, but not documented well till date. Some scholars argue that infertility can hereditary. If an individual has a family history of barrenness and difficult conception , he/she are very likely to face difficulties in conceiving. If for example fertility is poor at the term of conception, or if the parent had been on a medication of fertility drugs, often pass the curse of infertility to their offspring.

Some doctors however argue that barrenness can be caused by other factors like erratic life,pollution, unhealthy diet etc. But nearly all the medical scholars are unanimous on the opinion that there is no singular cause of infertility.

Conventional medication might not always be effective. So in those cases one can consider giving unconventional but reliable methods a try.  Fertility acupuncture an ancient Chinese procedure of curing infertility that involves insertion of thin, disposable, sterile needles at certain strategic points of your body. These needles help regulate the flow of qi or energy throughout the body, thereby enhances chances of conception.

The book will contain , not just detailed, precise and accurate information pertaining to infertility and its cure, but will be a source of in depth information in related topics like the causes of miscarriage, ovulation problems, menstrual cycle, ovarian cyst diagnosis, IVF Clinics, and how to discern a quality IVF Clinic, probable causes for uncalled for bleeding during pregnancy, how to successfully carry your little bundle of joy to term, etc. The author is a well known acupuncturist whose unique methods of curing infertility involve the not just acupuncture, but chalking out of an appropriate lifestyle, emotional coaching, dietary therapy, herbal medicine, cupping and moxibustion. He firmly believes that chances of infertility can be considerably diminished by increasing internal energy, blood flow and yin, using organic alternatives like Chinese herbs which have no side effects. The Chinese herbs are also useful for curing complaints such as chronic indigestion, reducing anxiety, cooling body temperatures etc. They do not however taste very pleasant. Most have a pungent taste and are often taken in form of capsules or mixed with milk before consumed to dilute their acrid taste.

But if you can get past of their less than pleasant taste, you will be surprised at the drastic improvements of your daily life, like deeper sleep, faster digestion,feeling more energetic and resilient to pain and minor illnesses and of course enhanced fertility.


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