Introducing The Fertility Manual Your Ultimate Guide To A Smooth & Hassle Free Motherhood



The internet is often considered as a powerhouse of  easily accessible information. With the advent of the internet and technology boom, browsing and gathering information has never been so hassle free. But internet information has its own share of demons which comes from compromising quality for quantity. Not all the information stored in the online blogs, portals, websites, journals, videos etc are accurate or reliable. Lack of verifiable data (especially medical information/solutions) can lead to devastating or even fatal consequences if ignorant people attempt at amateur curing of their problems.

 For example, many professionally successful women ( who seemingly have a picture perfect life) suffer from the curse from an empty womb and attempt (the apparently infallible) methods of infertility alleviation cited in the internet. Most of these women are unfortunately ignorant of the fact that no universal and infallible cure for infertility exist as the phenomenon of infertility can be caused by various factors like genetic sterility, unhealthy diet & lifestyle, improper medication etc and each case of infertility is idiosyncratic to individual physiognomy.

 However aspiring parents to be can relax, as an Infertility ebook has been compiled by a professional  acupuncture expert who has a vast storehouse of knowledge, and  years of expediency in the field of unorthodox as well as conventional infertility alleviation methods . This fertility manual will be a multipurpose instructor catering mothers to be, couples attempting to conceive, as well as those who have already welcomed their newborn but dont know how to handle their precious bundle.

This book will contain clear cut, detailed and precise information pertaining to infertility, its causes, possible solutions, ( that includes both the  regular, conventional medications and radical but nonetheless effective procedures like acupuncture)  and related topics like an in depth reflection on the hormone cycle, female menstrual cycle, ovulation problems, diagnosis of ovarian cysts, nutrition and supplements for lack of blood, etc, IVF clinics to approach, different IVF clinics , their individual procedures, their benefits and fallacies, pregnancy symptoms, causes and signals of a probable miscarriage, causes for unexplained bleeding during pregnancy etc. Once you conceive, carrying your precious tenant to term  is the main priority. One miscalculation due to ignorance or moment of negligence can undo all your aspirations and hard work.  So steps on how to prevent a miscarriage, what changes to expect when you are pregnant, antenatal classes, etc will be covered in a lucid manner.

This fertility manual aspires to be your solution or one stop shop regarding fertility related issues. It intends to make you more knowledgeable, therefore more aware of the causes and nature of your infertility than a regular layman. Empowered with a succinct knowledge of infertility you can make the process of motherhood much more smoother for yourself and pleasant for others as well.


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